12.0 Mega Camera – ALL IN ONE improved camera

12.0 Mega Camera - ALL IN ONE improved camera

I would like to draw your attention to this program. The idea is as old as the world. Improving the quality of photos programmatically. Chinese developers have tried their best! The program works on the principle of overlaying images and artificially increasing the number of pixels. After field tests, I came to the conclusion that it worked out great, but still worse than the usual digital camera. Intuitive user-friendly interface.

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It is not possible to get confused. And even an artificial flash! It is very convenient for owners of 2G, 3G, 3GS. Added several effects. Such as: green tones, 'old photo', color inversion, blue, black and white. Interestingly they came up with a delayed timer for a group photo. Voice control function? Never controlled a fotik with a voice! There is anti shock for people with shaky hands. And the most important thing! The application works fast enough, which is natural for an iPhone. Installs and works on any firmware

Summarizing, I want to say that with the help of this application your iPhone will not become a camera, but the quality will noticeably increase.

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