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Click and Sing - Music & Social App [Free] The guys from Megatsentr Media Too have come up with a new way of information between users. Tap&Sing (Жми и Пой) – своеобразная социальная сеть, имеющая своей целью обмен голосовыми сообщениями. The feature of the network is that everything recorded with the help of iPhone and iPad gets into the general tape, from which any new participant can listen to your message. There is, of course, the opportunity to share your recording directly with friends on popular social networks Facebook, Vkontakte and Youtube. You never know who will be your music producer. Users have gone further by how much? Welcome to cat. Click and Sing - Music & Social App [Free]Click and Sing - Music & Social App [Free] The application is very simple, all that is needed for its operation is Internet access (preferably 3G, LTE or Wi-Fi). To register your own profile, it is enough (in advance) to specify a login, password (with confirmation) and an e-mail address. The rest of your personal information can be filled in at any time in the profile settings. Click and Sing - Music & Social App [Free] After registration, the voice message tape becomes available in the main application window. You can easily listen to messages from other registered users. The feed is refreshed by swiping down. Other users' posts can be shared, you can leave your comment or complain about content that is contrary to the law. Click and Sing - Music & Social App [Free] To record your voice message, just tap on the red round button, take a picture of the cover or select it from your own collection, title the recording and briefly describe the content. To record, tap on the microphone image, the recording lasts exactly as long as you keep your finger on the icon. If you release your finger, recording will automatically stop. After recording, you can select the settings of one of the preset themes (original, robber, helium), listen to it or share it with friends. After the recording is ready and you are happy with the result, it is automatically added to the general feed and becomes available to everyone. You can comment and 'like' your post. Click and Sing - Music & Social App [Free] In the profile settings, information is available about the number of your own or listened to records, the number of subscribers and your subscriptions. Если у вы обладаете певческим талантом, но не можете позволить себе профессиональную звукозапись в профессиональной звукозаписывающей студии, Tap&Sing (Жми и Пой) поможет снискать популярность среди обычных пользователей, в том числе и социальных сетях. And really, who knows, maybe in search of new talent, professional producers will also use the application. Click and Sing - Music & Social App [Free] The scenarios for using the application are limited only by your imagination: sing, tell, share emotions and interesting information that can be conveyed using voice or sounds. The application is free, without annoying ads, which means there is a great opportunity to share your talent with others, and, perhaps, become mega popular.

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