I2Reader is a great reader without clouds [Free]

I2Reader is a great reader without clouds [Free] One of the best (once) reader for iPhone – i2Reader has been updated to App Store. The app is versatile, works on iPhone and iPad, with an impressive set of features, but, as it turned out, not without flaws. Its main drawback is the way of loading books into the device memory. With the advancement of cloud technology, only the lazy does not integrate cloud storage support into their applications. There is no such support in i2Reader … I2Reader is a great reader without clouds [Free] You will not be able to connect your iCloud, Google Drive or Dropbox and read or download eBooks from there. With support for cloud storage, Yuri Melushin has a separate paid i2Reader Cloud application. I got greedy and caused a flurry of dissatisfied reviews in App Store. I2Reader is a great reader without clouds [Free] You can upload books to the i2Reader library only manually: via iTunes, i2Librarian, Caliber, web browser, or FTP or HTTP servers. None of these possibilities can be called convenient, but there is nowhere to go. I2Reader has only one drawback; the application copes with all its other functions with a bang: quickly, efficiently and flexibly. Most modern formats are supported: FB2, EPUB (no DRM), DOC, DOCX, PDF (text), RTF, HTML, MOBI and plain text. I had a problem with PDF, the application showed only the cover and refused to turn the pages – I'll write off the problem to the downloaded instruction manual Nissan X-Trail in PDF format. I2Reader is a great reader without clouds [Free] Reading books in i2Reader is very convenient, you can change the theme, brightness, font size, enable autoscrolling. Go to the table of contents or search for a specific phrase or word with one click. Stopped on a page and planning to continue reading a little later? Don't forget to bookmark. The application supports working with dictionaries. You need to download them separately in the same ways as books. I2Reader is a great reader without clouds [Free] I2Reader is a great reader without clouds [Free] Application settings allow flexible deployment of the entire library, there is auto-grouping of books, sorting and indexing of content. You can change the reading method, turn flip animation on or off, turn on page numbering, and change line breaks. I2Reader is a great reader without clouds [Free] If it were not for the lack of cloud storage support, i2Reader could rightfully be called one of the best readers for iPhone and iPad, moreover, free. There are no in-app ads or in-app purchases, so the author can be forgiven for the lack of 'cloud sync'. If the link 'computer – iPhone' is always at hand and there are no problems with local loading of content – choose i2Reader, the application is worthwhile. You will have to pay for more.

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