123 Zoo – educational game for children

123 Zoo - educational game for children 123 Zoo - educational game for children 123 Zoo app is designed for preschool and first grade children. The application turned out to be so universal that it is impossible to define one category of students for it. 123 Zoo helps you learn mathematics from the very beginning and ends the process with serious arithmetic tasks such as division and multiplication. So you can even save money: first they taught the child numbers, then they taught them how to count, and then they made Archimedes out of him, and all thanks to one application. I am writing this without an extra dose of irony, since the design of the program's capabilities is very competent, which allows you to maximize the accumulation of the child's knowledge, with minimal expenditure of efforts, time and money of the parents.

Thematically, the application is divided into 4 categories, each of which is responsible for a separate direction:

1. “Learning numbers”. – in this section, the child will visually study each digit from zero to one. Each number is accompanied by its voice pronunciation, and the corresponding number of different animals is displayed on the screen. At the same time, the voice of the announcer is not a rough male bass, but a pleasant children's voice. All numbers are also accompanied by a captivating melody that can be turned off if desired. 123 Zoo - educational game for children 2. “Learning to write numbers”. The section is no less interesting for beginners studying the great science. Everything is simple here. Children can use their fingers to correctly display the number on the screen, following the flowers. An animal is displayed on the left side in order to make the picture itself more pleasant. Such activities are always present in kindergartens and first grade. Just imagine how your child can be happy if he can display a number of numbers faster and more beautifully than anyone else. 123 Zoo - educational game for children 3. “Learning to count”. Now it is time to put the knowledge learned into practice. This section is a kind of training with game elements. No rush or unpleasant situations. There are a certain number of animals on the screen and the answer options not exceeding the numbers 9. You can sit down quietly, count the animals, and then answer. With constant exercise, the child will be able to do it faster and faster. 123 Zoo - educational game for children 4. “Mathematical battle”. This section should be given to the child right before school, constantly improving his skills. The section “Mathematical battle” should teach the child to subtract, add, divide and multiply correctly, doing it quickly and correctly. Three different settings have been made specifically for this. First, it is the type you want to study (a single math action, or all together). Secondly, it is complexity: the higher the difficulty, the less time it takes to answer. And thirdly, it is the choice of your team. True, nothing depends on this;). Having adjusted all the settings for himself, the child finds himself on the battlefield between two teams – his own and the enemy – and a task appears on the screen: the correct answer, and a watermelon, apple or orange fly into the enemy's ship. Wrong answer – and you already get the shell. The team that gives the first 20 correct answers wins. Mind training and healthy competition are for everyone. It is especially funny to watch how an adult uncle cannot divide 72 by 9 or add 51 and 16. Parents, while children are learning numbers, repeat yourself!). 123 Zoo - educational game for children In conclusion, it is worth mentioning the wonderful graphics in the game, which are beautifully complemented by music tracks. In the 123 Zoo application itself, you can say with one popular American phrase, which in translation sounds something like this: “your best investment is your education.” Don't spare your children's education. Install from AppStore

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