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1Password - Password Keeper I calculated here that I regularly use 26 passwords, not counting pin codes and secret words. And every month there are more and more of them. I think that most users have accumulated so many logins, passwords, software keys and numerous accounts over their entire life that they are very difficult to remember. To help us, the program for iPhone – 1Password. It stores all your accounts, credit card details, and more. It also allows you to sync your data with the desktop version of the app via Dropbox. Of course, 1Password encrypts all of your data. Each time you start the program, you will have to enter a special master password in order to protect your passwords if they are lost iPhone. 1Password - Password Keeper The program itself has five sections: Logins – logins and passwords from Accounts sites are stored here – here you can record your accounts from Amazon, databases, mail, FTP, Instant Messenger, Internet providers, WiFi routers and iTunes Wallet – in this section you can store your Notes bank details – here you can create secret Software notes – and here you can store your license keys from the purchased software 1Password - Password Keeper 1Password - Password Keeper To add information, select the desired section and write down the required melons there. 1Password - Password Keeper Going to More – Settings – Sync, you can set up synchronization with the desktop version of the program via Dropbox or simply via WiFi. To set up synchronization with Dropbox, go to Dropbox and enter the data from the service. Now the file 1Password.agilekeychain will appear in the root folder of the cloud service. It is of course encrypted with a 128 bit key. 1Password comes in two versions: 1Password for iPhone for $ 9.99 and 1Password Pro for $ 14.99. The difference is that the first program works only on iPhone, and the second on iPhone and iPad. Honestly, paying that kind of money is strangled by a toad. But the app regularly appears on sale. You just have to wait.

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