2020: My Country – Build Your City! [Free]

2020: My Country - Build Your City!  [Free] 2020: My Country - Build Your City!  [Free] My country is a mobile city-planning simulator, as you know, somewhat similar to Sim Sity. The number 2020 in the title of the game is not accidental, it suggests that the action takes place in the near future. And since we are talking about the future, it could not do without sophisticated buildings and structures. There are also some vehicles in the game such as yachts, cars and helicopters. And the player's task in the application is to build a large and livable city! You can feel like a mayor, congratulations! 2020: My Country - Build Your City!  [Free] Also in the game, you will need to perform certain tasks, for example, eliminate a leak in a residential building, thanks to which you can move to a new level. 2020: My Country - Build Your City!  [Free] Of course, on the 'first couples' of the game there are many tips that appear in the form of dialog boxes. In such prompts, you are informed of a new task and an explanation of how to complete it correctly and quickly. 2020: My Country - Build Your City!  [Free] All control in the game is reduced to clicking on different parts of the screen, no other action is required from you. I must say that this application is more suitable for iPad than for iPhone. It's all about the small size of the buttons. The app also has a store, the assortment of which is simply huge! Firstly, there are as many as 8 sections: energy, residential buildings, ecology, tourism, and so on, everything that is necessary for a healthy infrastructure of any city. Secondly, each section has an average of 7 products. Just imagine the scale! 2020: My Country - Build Your City!  [Free] Goods can be bought for in-game currency, which can be obtained by completing tasks, or purchased for real money. 2020: My country - build your city!  [Free] There is also a warehouse in the game, which, in principle, works on the same principle as a store. 2020: My country - build your city!  [Free] I must say, 'My Country' has excellent graphics and good gameplay. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail, and thanks to the wide range of games, it is unlikely that you can get bored quickly!

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