2048 – genius time killer [Free]

2048 - genius time killer [Free] 2048 is a super popular time killer for iPhone and iPad from Ketchapp with the most simple gameplay. It is a mystery with what “hooked” iOS – gamers, but hooked in earnest, the cumulative rating of the application in App Store 4.5 out of 5 possible stars. I was always surprised that the thesis “All ingenious is simple!” really works and the game 2048 is a direct confirmation of this! 2048 - genius time killer [Free] For people who are used to solving complex puzzles, the essence of the game is too simple. All you need to do is connect squares with numbers of the same denomination together. You can only move squares across the playing field horizontally (left-right) and vertically (up-down). A horizontal swipe to the right will connect all elements with the same number, while its value will be increased exponentially with a denominator of 2. After each tap, a new square with a minimum value (2 or 4) appears on the playing field. If the field is completely filled with squares and you do not have time to reach the coveted number of 2048, Game Over is guaranteed for you. There is no second attempt and opportunity to save game progress, you have to start over. 2048 - genius time killer [Free] It is very easy to play 2048, but it is quite difficult to achieve real results and get beyond the number 512, not to mention 1024, it requires its own strategy. 2048 - genius time killer [Free] Hint: Collect the squares at the left edge of the playing field vertically, this will allow you to predict the next move as efficiently as possible. As such, there is no design in the application, strict geometric shapes of the playing field and elements, a couple of buttons and windows with game statistics. But with musical accompaniment in 2048, trouble, no background music, no relaxation during the game, only dry sounds that after a while begin to “get”, especially if progress in the game is not visible. 2048 - genius time killer [Free] 2048 is distributed free of charge, but for that you have to put up with intrusive ads located in the most inconvenient place you could think of, at the bottom of the screen. No matter how hard you try, but with an active game, instead of the playing field, you involuntarily find yourself on advertising and as a result, instead of playing, you admire the advertising materials for which the developer receives his bonus. You can consider me paranoid, but I think that such an arrangement of ads in the application was not chosen by chance, the more transitions, even if they are random, the more money the developer will earn. More recently, a multiplayer mode was added in 2048, now there is an opportunity to compete with friends on the road or during breaks, competitions with real rivals are even more addictive. 2048 - genius time killer [Free] Except for advertising (for the n-th amount you can turn it off) and the lack of musical accompaniment, 2048 is a really smart time killer, which will finally deprive you of your free time not only today, but also tomorrow and in a month.

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