25pp – installation of any programs without jailbreak

25pp - installation of any programs without jailbreak

We have all known for a long time that hacking the device's file system (smartly Jailbreak) provides additional opportunities, including installing programs bypassing Appstore. But many are beginning to refuse this, and the latest firmware is still unapproachable.

But what if I told you that there is a way to install any programs completely free of charge and which actually works? Oh yes, I forgot to say – hacking in any form is not needed here! Yes, you can install anything you want, without even knowing what a jailbreak is.

Interesting? Then read on.


So, such an opportunity was presented to us by the Chinese (who else), as well as VShare. And they realized this opportunity through the service – 25pp. Yes, the name is very strange, but who will understand these Chinese? Well, okay, let's move on to direct actions.

We need to download the installation file of the program and install it on our computer. Yes, I want to upset makovodov right away – there is a program only for Windows (although they will soon be obliged to correct this misunderstanding).

First of all, you need to download 25pp from this link http://ghost.25pp.com/soft/ppsetup.exe

or http://ghost.25pp.com/soft/pp.exe and install it. I will help you with the installation too. What for? The installation is simple and the entire application is in Chinese :).

25pp - installation of any programs without jailbreak

Setting 25pp

1) Double-click to run the pp.exe installation file.

2) And then all the time we click on the button, which is the rightmost in the bottom corner.

3) Everything is ready!

Working with the program

So, you have to grasp something right away –

hacked programs downloaded in some other places cannot be installed through this service,

so we'll have to get the program we need right there.

And something else. Upon entering the program, you will immediately see its structure and notice some similarity with iTunes versions up to 10.7, and you will be right – the program's logic is, in principle, the same. But here's the bad luck – the program is completely in Chinese; (Well, okay, now you will figure it out. Consider this instruction for 25pp.

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So, let's start working.

1) We connect the device to the computer. The program will recognize it and start displaying it in iTunes style.

2) On the left, on the 25pp panel, you can see, in addition to hieroglyphs, also icons. We will be guided by them.

3) First, let's search for the desired program. To do this, click on the left on the area with the hand and apple icon. This is the program section.

25pp - installation of any programs without jailbreak

4) When they are all loaded, click on the white elongated area from above – this will be our search. We enter the name of the program there and press “Enter” already on our computer keyboard.

25pp - installation of any programs without jailbreak

5) So, the program found the coveted application – this is very good, because sometimes (but very rarely) the program does not find anything. Hover the mouse cursor over the application icon and see that a row of icons is revealed under it. These icons are responsible for actions on the application.

25pp - installation of any programs without jailbreak

6) Select the icon as shown in the picture – that is, download the application.

7) See, just below a one appeared on top of some section? Click there and see that the application is loading. We are waiting for the download to complete.

25pp - installation of any programs without jailbreak

8) As soon as the application is downloaded, we go to the section of programs downloaded by us, and you will see an icon with a swirling arrow next to the application icon – it denotes the synchronization of the application from 25pp with the device. Click on it and after that click on the section just below.

25pp - installation of any programs without jailbreak

25pp - installation of any programs without jailbreak

9) As you can see, the installation process is in progress. Once it is completed, the application icon will turn from black and white to color, as it was.

10) That's it! The application is installed!

Next, you should stick to this sequence if you want to install some new application from 25pp. If the program for some reason has not been installed, then so be it – unfortunately, sometimes this happens. But there are 1 in a million of these, so don't worry.

That's basically it. Other actions with the application (for example, deleting) can be performed directly from the phone.

Good luck!

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