'Lifeline. Silent Night '- an exciting story of survival in space

'Lifeline. Silent Night '- an exciting story of survival in space 'Lifeline. Silent Night 'is a game for iPhone, which is already the second part of the sensational series, which the developers decided to continue after the extraordinary popularity of the original Lifeline. The fate of astronaut Taylor and his crew aboard the White Star space truck is heading straight for Earth in your hands. And it seems that not only astronauts, but all the inhabitants of the planet will have to be saved from what is pursuing them. This adventure, interactive story is unusual in that it is implemented in the format of a text quest. It is as if you are communicating with a real person, which allows you to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of what is happening, and really worry about your hero. When you first start, Taylor will briefly retell you his story – the plot of the first part. To communicate with the character, you always have a choice of two answer options, which affects the further development of events. Everything happens in real time, even the sending of messages to you from an astronaut simulates a set of messages, as in Skype or other popular messengers. 'Lifeline.    Silent Night '- an exciting story of survival in space During the passage, you will also receive messages through notifications. Moreover, the game specifically sends them mainly during the daytime, so that you can quickly respond. It is worth noting the atmosphere of Lifeline – the behavior and reaction of the survivor after the events of the original game of the character, very realistic and thoughtful. The development of the plot is reminiscent of an action-packed detective story, organically combined with a fantastic environment and constantly throwing riddles for thought. 'Lifeline.    Silent Night '- an exciting story of survival in space'Lifeline.    Silent Night '- an exciting story of survival in space What kind of ship is chasing the White Star? Who runs it? And why no one answers when trying to establish a connection? The development of the plot and its ending depend on your reaction and the actions taken. 'Silent Night' is a direct sequel to the first part of Lifeline. And if you liked it, then you will also be delighted with the new story. And in general, we can confidently recommend it to all fans of the genre.

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