'Siberia 2' – in search of the lost world

'Siberia 2' - in search of the lost world There are games at one time. There are those who help kill time. And there are games, the name of which can deservedly be included in the list of iconic for the industry. Even if a lot of time has passed since their release. One of them is 'Siberia', around which a community of millions of fans around the world has formed. Siberia 2 is a game for iPhone that brings you back to the company of the eccentric old man Hans Voralberg and the young Kate Walker. Many trials and incredible adventures await this duet. And none of the players who decide to hit the road with them will certainly not regret their decision. 'Siberia 2' - in search of the lost world In the second part of 'Siberia' the main characters will travel by train through the snow-covered plains of the northeast, in search of the mysterious island of Siberia. Hans is already too old, and does not feel enough strength in himself to fulfill his cherished dream. And Kate decides to help him, agreeing to an exciting adventure, from which the game begins. You will learn about all this from the plot – the video spoiler that accompanies the first launch of the game. Interestingly, when you start the game, you can customize speech, music and special effects just like on a computer. And also, choose – to play with hints ('Help') or without them, relying only on your own ingenuity and intuition. However, the graphics are so-so here, but in this genre the plot component rules. 'Siberia 2' - in search of the lost world In fact, you can figure everything out quite simply. Largely, thanks to active dialogues with Hans and the exploration of the surrounding space and things, scattered first along the train, and then in other locations. 'Siberia 2' - in search of the lost world 'Siberia 2' - in search of the lost world The Unusual World is one of the key features that makes Sibir 2 stand out from other games. Here you will come across unusual structures and fantastic animals, as if descended from the pages of ancient legends. This is a classic adventure story in which you have to solve puzzles and collect items that serve as keys to solving quests. Siberia 2 is set in the Victorian era, and the characters themselves are as interesting as the story unfolding around them. This game can be recommended to all fans of the quest genre, and especially to those who have already played it on PC.

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