'Wars for the containers' – battles for containers [Free]

'Wars for the containers' - battles for containers [Free] In this game you have to try yourself as a merchant-seafarer, who set off on a journey through the world's largest ports in search of valuable (and not so valuable) things that were thrown in their containers by their former owners. And do not expect that the task will be simple, because in the role of sellers there will be hardened traders interested only in one thing – how to make more money. 'Wars for the containers' - battles for containers [Free] At the first launch, you will be offered to undergo a little training, in fact, immediately starting to trade. And do not yawn – at any moment the bidding may end with the victory of another player. Interestingly, in some ports your rival will not be computer intelligence, but real people. 'Wars for the containers' - battles for containers [Free] The number and variety of items that can be found in such containers is impressive – there are more than a thousand of them, and in each of the 15 ports you can find your own, unique things. During the bidding process, you only know the weight of the container, and what is inside is clear only approximately. And this adds intrigue. 'Wars for the containers' - battles for containers [Free] The player's task in 'Wars for the containers' is not only profitable to buy, but no less profitable to sell. Well, if it didn't work out right away, a personal warehouse solves the problem of storing unsold items. 'Wars for the containers' - battles for containers [Free] In addition, there are daily exhibitions of things, where you can show your items to show off to other players. If the condition of the purchased item leaves much to be desired, the item can be restored, bringing it into a 'marketable condition'. “Battles for containers” is an amateur game, which, nevertheless, may interest many. At the moment, the developers should add more information about various subjects and work on improving the quality of the graphics. The idea itself is interesting, and work on improving it would certainly attract many new players to the community.

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