3D Pool Game – very realistic billiards

3D Pool Game - very realistic billiards  Hello everyone to the billiard lover! How often do you visit the billiard room and play this game? – Do you want more? – If yes, then App Store has a very suitable app for iPhone '3D Pool Game' that perfectly reflects all the delights of playing billiards! 3D Pool Game is perhaps one of the most beautiful games on this topic with beautifully designed 3D graphics. The app also boasts good physics and handling. 3D Pool Game - very realistic billiards  All the original rules of bowling are valid in the game – if a player pockets the ball, he shoots further, if not, then the move goes to another player or computer, it all depends on the game mode. Speaking of modes, the application provides three modes: timed, 'Matrix' and a mode that allows two players to play from one device. 3D Pool Game - very realistic billiards  In 'time fashion' you need to pocket as many balls as possible in just four minutes! The more balls you score, the more points you get. 3D Pool Game - very realistic billiards  In matrix mode, a very interesting thing happens with the game score. If you pocket a ball, the points are multiplied by the difference between your previous and current points, if the number of the ball is greater than the previous one, otherwise the points are divided by the number corresponding to the number of the ball. In '2 Player' mode, you can play together from one device and compete. 3D Pool Game - very realistic billiards  As for the management, everything is simple. On the right side of the game screen, the impact force is displayed, which can be adjusted for yourself, and then you just need to 'tap' on the screen in order to put the ball into the pocket. By the way, there is a line from the cue that helps you not to miss. You can also choose the viewing angle of the game table: from the first person, i.e. player, or watch from above the game table. 3D Pool Game - very realistic billiards  In general, the game can only be praised, and the interface, and physics, and controls and graphics are all well thought out and done with a soul!

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