6 useful programs (tweaks) from Cydia

6 useful programs (tweaks) from Cydia Is it worth doing Jailbreak, each owner iPhone decides for himself. The specifics of this process are detailed in the previous article. Today is the story about the most useful and functional tweaks from the alternative application store, Cydia. These tweaks are the most 'conflict-free' and work on all IOS since 4.0.


6 useful programs (tweaks) from Cydia 6 useful programs (tweaks) from Cydia One of the most functional apps ever released for iPhone. It contains many useful settings for changing the device interface, such as managing animations, icons, the Home screen, the view of folders, the lock screen, and everything that only you can see on the screen of your iPhone. It is also possible to save settings, and rollback after changing to previously saved ones. Many users install this tweak in the top ten applications after Jailbreak.


6 useful programs (tweaks) from Cydia 6 useful programs (tweaks) from Cydia Another tweak that provides the most important features, only unlike Springtomize, allows you to perform different actions, ranging from respring to launching certain applications by pressing a key combination or a certain number of clicks on one of them. Combinations can be set to work either anywhere or under certain conditions, such as being in an application or on the screen at home. An interesting point is the ability to determine the action on shaking the device, because the accelerometer also needs to be loaded with a payload.


6 useful programs (tweaks) from Cydia 6 useful programs (tweaks) from Cydia Application for changing the animation of page turning iPhone. After all, it's not interesting when the icons just move, you want something special, if you think the same way, then this application is clearly for you. Here you can put one of a dozen and a half page rotation animations. For example, an imitation of three dimensions called Cube. By the way, saving changes, unlike many tweaks, do not require respring, which eventually becomes annoying.


6 useful programs (tweaks) from Cydia Almost the first and only program for iPhone with the ability to edit the animation of the lock screen. Here are collected the most popular animations familiar to many users from Power Point presentations, such as retract, rotate, rotate and the main highlight – 'TV Tube', this animation reminds us of old TVs. You can also edit the speed of animations and sound. After a recent update, it became possible to set the animation for unlocking devices as well.


6 useful programs (tweaks) from Cydia 6 useful programs (tweaks) from Cydia And this masterpiece will help lovers of minimalism or those who are tired of standard folders. The main feature of the tweak is to create folders within a folder and create several pages in them. You can also change the color of headers, background, change the parameters of the folder borders, or make the pages scroll vertically.


6 useful programs (tweaks) from Cydia This tweak is useful for all active users Bluetooth. Everyone probably knows that for some reason Apple they decided not to build in IOS the ability to transfer any files through Bluetooth, but there were craftsmen who solved this problem. Now you can transfer by blue tooth any of the songs or movies from your library, or a file from a text editor. At the end of the review, I want to especially note that jailbreak is completely legal, but does not give you full right to use the jailbroken software, I mean that some of the above applications are paid and really worth buying, because by doing this you are helping talented programmers. You can download all these tweaks in the standard Cydia repositories: 1. ModMyi.com 2. BigBoss 3. ZodTTD & MacCiti

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