A list of Russian applications to replace foreign ones has appeared

A list of Russian applications to replace foreign ones has appeared

Experts from the Institute for Internet Development have compiled a list of domestic mobile applications that can replace foreign ones. According to experts, you can switch to a Russian product in 9 out of 12 categories of popular software.

So, experts suggest replacing Google Chrome, Opera and Safari with 'Yandex Browser', and Gmail and Outlook mail with 'Yandex.Mail' and 'Mail.ru Mail'. Foreign music services will also replace Yandex.Music, Zvooq and Boom.

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There is also an alternative for office programs – 'My office', according to the IRI employees, will be able to replace all services Google, Microsoft and Apple.

However, there are categories where Russian counterparts do not reach the required level. These are, first of all, video hosting, payment tools and instant messengers. Although the authors find here the advantages of domestic software as well.

In general, experts have compiled this list in order to understand how ready the domestic market is to respond to the need to pre-install domestic software on all smartphones sold in Russia. Recall that such an initiative was recently expressed by the Russian authorities.

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