Ab Trainer – Gym [Free]

Ab Trainer - Gym [Free] Ab Trainer - Gym [Free] Many of us want to have a beautiful toned body, but often we do not have the opportunity to go to the gym: it’s too expensive, there’s no time, suddenly I don’t succeed, and so on – there are plenty of reasons. This app for iPhone is designed to help the user achieve his goal – to have a beautiful and attractive body. AB Trainer: 100+ contains over a hundred different types of exercises for all muscle groups. Ab Trainer - Gym [Free] And the indisputable advantage is that you can practice at any time and in any place. The program has a built-in calendar, which makes it convenient to track your results and select new training programs. In order to take the first step to the 'press with cubes' you just need to set the necessary parameters and the application will independently select the required program. Ab Trainer - Gym [Free] An animation on the screen will show detailed instructions for performing the exercises. Moreover, you can connect the voice guidance mode for milk yield, a pleasant male (and if you climb in the settings, then a female) voice will tell you what and how to do. Ab Trainer - Gym [Free] It is not entirely convenient, perhaps, that Ab Trainer: 100+ ab exercises and workouts is still a simplified version and therefore often sends us to iTunes to install a more complete version (600+), containing much more exercises and programs. But, as a user, Ab Trainer: 100+ is more than enough. Ab Trainer - Gym [Free] Pocket gym is made with high quality and affordable – it is quite difficult to get lost in the application, thanks to the user-friendly interface. I can say that Ab Trainer will definitely not disappoint you. The application will be interesting and useful for both beginners and advanced athletes.

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