Abducted – break free

Abducted - break free Hello dear readers! Today we got a review for the application for iPhone and iPad “Abducted” – a new creation of the guys from Sunside Inc., who recently gave us the game “Crow”. Let's see how the developers will please us this time. First, let's create a character. This lovely girl will be their way. Abducted - break free In the story, we play as a girl who was kidnapped by an alien mind. Moreover, the girl herself does not remember anything, so all hope is placed on the player, on whose shoulders not only a huge responsibility has fallen – to bring the girl home, but also the need to find answers to a number of questions that haunt our heroine. Abducted - break free Basically, the game will have to study the terrain and go forward. Sometimes you still have to solve small puzzles, but this only adds points to the game. Abducted - break free The wristband on the girl's arm, which is nothing more than a computer, will help you find answers and tell you where to run. Abducted - break free Also, from time to time you will receive bonuses that can be spent on improving your wristband and device that repels aliens. Abducted - break free By and large, the game has a whole mixture of genres: here you will find good action, as well as mysticism, horror, and of course adventure, where can you go without them. In general, the game can be mistaken for an animated film, where the player sometimes takes action. Abducted - break free I would like to pay special attention to graphics and design, which are at a very high level in the application. The application is so well drawn (everything, even the smallest details) that sometimes you even wonder if this is a game at all, and not some high-quality cartoon. And even in spite of the fact that gray colors prevail in the game, the picture still seems colorful. Abducted - break free To date, Abducted is pretty fast (on average it takes an hour and a half to complete), but let's hope this is just the beginning.

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