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ActMonitor - everything under control As the name suggests, ActMonitor allows you to “monitor”, view and control all processes occurring with the phone. Namely, the “boot” tab clearly displays the state of memory and system activity. All processes that are currently active are also listed below. ActMonitor - everything under control The “battery” tab allows you to control the battery status and shows how long the phone will “hold out” and under what conditions (3 hours with a continuous phone call or 10 hours with an active player). Very comfortably! ActMonitor - everything under control You can find out your IP and MAC address when connecting to the network in the “network” tab, where the number of downloaded and sent megabytes of traffic is also displayed. ActMonitor - everything under control And finally, the “specification” tab contains information about your device, as well as other device models (iPhone, iPad, iPod). Here you can find everything that interests you: characteristics of the professor, screen, camera, model features, device weight and even the date of presentation. Of course, more detailed information will be disclosed about your device: the device number (UDID), which can be sent via mail if necessary, the device name, disk capacity and active version iOS. ActMonitor - everything under control The ActMonitor application also has a pleasant, understandable, and most importantly user-friendly interface, which is another advantage of the application and, together with all its functional features and capabilities, is an excellent reason to pay attention to such an interesting utility.

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