AG Drive – futuristic races from the TOP App Store

AG Drive - futuristic races from the TOP App Store Racing is one of the most popular game genres among gamers. It is not in vain that so many developers are trying to bring something of their own into the genre, something unique that competitors do not have. The Asphalt and Real Racing series are real giants, where beginners can compete with them. But not everything is so simple, it is not for nothing that futuristic races from ZORG AG Drive are now in the TOP-10 App Store. AG Drive - futuristic races from the TOP App Store ZORG Entertainment debuted at App Store with their first-class product, futuristic races for iPhone and iPad AG Drive. Looking ahead, I will say that the game turned out to be a bang: the backstory, gorgeous graphics, complex and addictive gameplay, large-scale opportunities for improving the aircraft, impressive landscapes and unique tracks, and that's not all. AG Drive - futuristic races from the TOP App Store In the near future, intergalactic travel will become real, humanity will go beyond the boundaries of the solar system and master new worlds. Technology opens up new horizons, internal combustion engines and horsepower-limited speeds will sink into oblivion. Races become faster, tracks from two-dimensional space are transformed into three-dimensional, fans of high speeds flock from all corners of the universe to measure their strength on the racing tracks. Get ready for serious challenges not only for fingers, but also for skills, it is not so easy to get into the top three winners in AG Drive. AG Drive - futuristic races from the TOP App Store The first thing I “fell for” in AG Drive is, of course, the graphics. The picture is simply amazing, details, light, shadows, effects, all this is mesmerizing even from a small screen iPhone. Each new track is unique in its own way, and the landscapes … In AG Drive you will be given the opportunity to complete various tasks: single-handed races (additional tasks) or team competitions (main). For each race, depending on the result, you will be awarded a cash reward and fame points. The former can be spent on a new engine or aircraft control system, while the latter determine your popularity and professionalism and open up new horizons. AG Drive - futuristic races from the TOP App Store The main tasks bring more money and fame, but it is much more difficult to complete them, the rivals are becoming stronger. In single races, you can accumulate experience and money to upgrade your “cars”. AG Drive - futuristic races from the TOP App Store A racing car is controlled using a gyroscope (turning to the right and left), areas on the game screen are responsible for acceleration and braking (acceleration under the thumb on the right, acceleration on the left). There were no bugs in the behavior of the aircraft on iPhone 5s, the turns are smooth and predictable. Be careful, if you tilt the machine more than necessary, a collision with a fence will cause a decrease in speed, which is not easy to recover. For this, special points on the race track are useful, if you manage to slip through them, they will give your vehicle a high-speed impulse. AG Drive - futuristic races from the TOP App Store The musical accompaniment does not lag behind the graphics and gameplay. The soundtrack from Ari Pulkkinen himself, the author of the music for Angry Birds, Resogun, Trine 1 & 2, Outland, and others, is simply mesmerizing, in no case pass by. In App Store the game is available at a price of 219 rubles, which does not bother at all. The game is worthy of its money and fully justifies it. Even if the price tag were higher, a place in the TOP App Store would be guaranteed for such races. AG Drive is a breath of fresh air for fans of arcade racing on iPhone and iPad.

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