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Aikino! - mobile cinema Of course, watching a movie is nice on a big screen with good sound. To have popcorn and beer cola near. But more often we do it on the road, and from a mobile device. It is for such cases that this program serves for iPhone. The application will provide a choice of more than 300 films of different genres. All films have a single price. Also, there are five free movies here to evaluate download speed and video quality. And believe me, both parameters are excellent here! Everything is decorated very well. Each film has a description, pictures and a trailer. Aikino! - mobile cinema Aikino! - mobile cinema After you buy content, you can either watch it immediately online or download it to your device to watch it later. Aikino! - mobile cinema Aikino! - mobile cinema The application has a sorting of films by genre, year and country. Aikino! - mobile cinema Also, there is a search. It works very quickly, like everything else. If you liked the movie, you can recommend it to your friends. And if you don't like it, send them a complaint with an offer to meet and get drunk with grief 🙂 By the way, content is provided by such serious companies as: Central Partnership (official distributor of Paramount Pictures film production), Luxor Distribution (long-term cooperation with many independent American and European studios) and others. Aikino! - mobile cinema In every sense, aikino! – an interesting and convenient program for entertainment. And paying for films, I think, is not for kindergarten. This is an adult! You can see how it works in our video below. May the cinematograph keep you all! VIDEO

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