AirDrive – give me the file [Free]

AirDrive - give me the file [Free] Think about how often you find yourself in a situation where you need to transfer something from device to device, but, as luck would have it, there is no flash drive at hand. But, you always have iPhone with you! So why can't you turn your phone into a standalone USB stick? – and who said that it is impossible ?! – as much as possible and the AirDrive app is a direct confirmation of this! AirDrive - give me the file [Free] The application is not difficult to use, I think that you will immediately guess how to turn on the USB flash drive – toggle the On / Off switch. I would also like to add that the application is not overloaded with anything superfluous in terms of design, which creates additional convenience. We launch the application and turn on our mobile flash drive, which will help us in the exchange of files. And the exchange is possible in several ways: firstly, using Wi-Fi, the second way – Bluetooth connection. You can exchange between your computer and your phone, between iPhone, iPad, iPod. And, which is not unimportant, the exchange is possible not only with Mac devices, but also with Windows. AirDrive - give me the file [Free] Let's say you need to transfer a file between iPhone and your computer, and you decide to do it using AirDrive. We turn on the USB flash drive and the IP address immediately appears on top. You need to enter this very address into a computer browser or program. In case you get confused, the developer has provided mini instructions. AirDrive - give me the file [Free] If you decide to transfer a file from iPhone to iPhone or iPod, then everything is quite simple and to complete the task you just need to enable Bluetooth. AirDrive - give me the file [Free] If you want to exchange files via a computer, then you have two options: a browser or a special program. The browser is convenient in that it is not necessary to install any special programs. We just launch the browser, enter the IP, and see the files in the application storage. When using an additional program, there is a similar system. However, there is an advantage – you can transfer multiple files at the same time. AirDrive - give me the file [Free] So, summing up, I would like to say that the application is really good and useful! It is indispensable in cases where there is no flash drive or USB-cable at hand, or you are just too lazy to go after it. All you need is a phone and Wi-Fi (or Bluetooth).

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