AirDrop for Windows 10 and 7: download

Users Apple are very familiar with the AirDrop function, which is designed to transfer data, but now Microsoft has created a similar program, now you can download AirDrop for Windows to any device.

Not so long ago, the corporation Microsoft introduced AirDrop for OS Android and Windows, which was created by the company Apple. Now PC users can download AirDrop for Windows 10 and other versions and exchange files between devices on Windows / Android OS over a wireless network.

AirDrop for Windows 10, 7: download

What is AirDrop for Windows 7 and 10

This utility is called Near Share. Launches easily in the OS notification center and then searches for computers or phones that support wireless communication.

Thus, users were able to share files from Explorer, in the same way as it is done on a Mac via AirDrop.

The program also supports files Apple, for example, books in EPUB format.

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It is enough to download Airdrop for Windows 7 or 10, then start using the program.

download airdrop for windows 10

AirDrop features on Mac and iOS

Product owners Apple know the benefits of AirDrop. With this utility, you can quickly transfer files of any type to other smartphones or computers with an operating system OS X and above. You can share any data, from photos to contacts and browser links.

airdrop for windows 7

What can AirDrop to Windows

AirDrop for Windows 7 differs in functionality from the original function Apple. But the application has appeared recently, because it has a great future and development of the system, which will help to make a complete unification of gadgets, as Apple does: start doing work on a computer, continue on a laptop and complete from a phone.

So far, this system only allows the exchange of photo and video files, as well as sending text messages to the user.

airdrop for windows 10

How to set up AirDrop to Windows

If you want to download AirDrop for Windows 10:

  • you need to make sure that you have an updated operating system installed no later than December 2018 or Android version 7.0 or higher. iPhone, unfortunately, will not support this program, although it was originally intended to include it.
  • then you need to install the application “Your Phone”, allow it to sync and connect. At the same time, you can start working immediately, without synchronization, the only thing, in this case, the data that was created earlier will not be available to you.

In general, the system must evolve, it will soon achieve success, it may be able to surpass the cloud sphere iPhone.

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