Alpha Zero – with two hands against aliens

Alpha Zero - with two hands against aliens  Hello dear readers! I suggest you digress from all matters and take a couple of minutes to read this review, which will focus on the new application for iPhone 'Alpha Zero'. It should be noted right away that Alpha Zero is perhaps the only game of its kind that 'forces' you to play with two hands at once. So, let's start with the background: an army of aliens attacked the earthlings' space base and our task is to reflect the enemy's attack and drive him away from our base. To complete this mission, the player will have to control a spaceship with artificial intelligence. Alpha Zero - with two hands against aliens  As you guessed, in the course of the game you have to shoot at opponents and in parallel perform a number of missions related to this. But everything is not so simple here. As noted, you need to use both hands to play. One you control the ship, and the second you set the direction of fire. The ship shoots itself, but only then the direction is set, that is, when you keep your hand on the target. It is possible to play with one hand, of course, but practically impossible. Such control is not entirely familiar to users iPhone, and how convenient it is is also a question. It is not always convenient to control the game this way. However, you must admit that it is a rather diverse solution. Alpha Zero - with two hands against aliens  Please note that before starting the game, the application prompts you to select a ship. It's not just that. If you chose the ship from the left half, then its control will depend on the left hand, on the right – the right hand. Thus, the game determines the right-hander and the left-hander. Alpha Zero - with two hands against aliens  For each destroyed enemy you are awarded points, which are then transformed into in-game currency, which can be spent on buying weapons, strengthening armor, and so on. Alpha Zero - with two hands against aliens  As for the graphics, there is nothing to complain about. Despite the fact that all actions in the game take place in two-dimensional space (except for the moving background, which should create the illusion of 3D), the ship models themselves and some details are well-developed and even look three-dimensional. Alpha Zero - with two hands against aliens  The colors are juicy and bright, the graphics are nimble – no complaints. Nice musical accompaniment completely complements and completes the picture.

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