Amediateka – TV Series Collection [Free]

Amediateka - TV Series Collection [Free] Many users who have computers and the Internet refuse to watch TV, because the dominance of advertisements and frankly stupid films simply goes beyond reasonable limits. And if you have a media library with famous foreign TV series in your pocket? Yes, no ads? Yes, you can watch it both on the road and at home on a large TV? Then it makes sense to take a closer look at the Amediateka application. What is this app. 1.16 TV series, 2.308 films, 3.25 shows in the collection, Amediateka - TV Series Collection [Free]Amediateka - TV Series Collection [Free] Amediateka - TV Series Collection [Free]Amediateka - TV Series Collection [Free] 4. If you go to the program menu, you can see the premiere calendar. Amediateka - TV Series Collection [Free] It's time to ask the question: 'Where does such a powerful collection come from, especially when it is replenished with new products so quickly?' The fact is that Amediateka is a product of the studio A serial, which has signed exclusive agreements with HBO, a powerful TV series producer. If you are a fan of, for example, 'Game of Thrones', yes 'for free', you might have noticed how the free opportunity to watch this series is 'washed out'. This is because copyright holders in the person of Amedia began to fight against pirated content. Immediately there is a desire to understand how much it will cost to watch the most popular TV series in good quality? 349 rubles by subscription for a month. Much or little depends on how you are generally used to looking at things. Fans of free software are probably expensive. Connoisseurs of good quality are probably fine. In principle, this is the price of a kilogram of not the most expensive cheese, which, in terms of 1 day, is 30 grams of cheese. I'm sure you eat more at breakfast :-). By subscribing, the content can be watched at home on TV through the SMART TV function or from an i-Device through a set-top box Apple TV or on the road directly from iPhone. Amediateka - TV Series Collection [Free]Amediateka - TV Series Collection [Free] There is one peculiarity to remember. Due to the terms of the copyright holders, the application is not supported outside the territory of the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan. Summing up, we can say that an interesting application has appeared on the huge video content market for fans of TV series, especially new ones.

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