Angry Birds – Pig Down

Angry Birds - Pig Down There are games that catch somehow at once, paralyzing the body in an uncomfortable position and disconnecting from external stimuli. There are not many of them, and now, to joy, one more was added. Angry Birds is based on an old game for iPhone “artillery” but with new characters and details. The beauty is in the details. Your task: to fill up the pigs, literally. But the process itself captures more. The way objects fall and break, characters grunt and squeak. You need to play with sound, and this is guaranteed to cheer you up. I can share a secret, because no one will read the instructions anyway. Some birds have dopa. After starting the carcass, slide your finger over the touchscreen again. The pigs won't like this. Angry Birds - Pig Down Angry Birds - Pig Down Install from AppStore

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