Angry Birds Space – pigs in space

Angry Birds Space - pigs in space The sequel to the most successful game for iPhone. Previous versions differed only in the background and screensavers, in this series the physics changed. Now objects do not fly in a parabola, obeying the law of attraction, but follow complex trajectories falling under the influence of planetary masses of bodies (do not try to understand this phrase). In general, everything is not the same as before … Angry Birds Space - pigs in space It's easier with birds. The same types of birds remained, and the same control: a finger on the iphone screen. And they haven't forgotten about Space Eagles. Orlov can even be bought for real money, but this is not sports. Angry Birds Space - pigs in space Enemies, i.e. pigs settled on planets and they need to be put on sausage. In war, all methods are good: you can simply shoot them down, crush them with space debris, or take them out of orbit for a hard landing. Angry Birds Space - pigs in space The first levels are easy to pass, then puzzle elements appear. It is necessary to recall the school physics course about the first, second and third space velocity. There's a freshness in the game, I think Angry Birds will be a hit this time too. Install from AppStore

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