Angry Birds Stella – glamorous angry birds [Free]

Angry Birds Stella - glamorous angry birds [Free] If it seems to you that Rovio Entertainment has “squeezed” the full potential of the “angry birds” and there is simply nowhere to go further, you are in for a surprise – Angry Birds Stella! Glamorous angry birds for the fair sex and not only. Do not rush to brush it off, they say – a game for girls, nothing like that. The next series of arcade that has conquered the peak of fame App Store more than once will be to everyone's taste. Angry Birds Stella – these are new heroes, more precisely heroines (now female birds), new landscapes, a new level of difficulty, new opportunities and abilities, only old enemies – pigs. Angry Birds Stella - glamorous angry birds [Free] The gameplay is classic: shooting from a slingshot, but the power of the shot and the trajectory of the flight do not always determine the outcome of the battle and the effectiveness. Each heroine, and theirs in Angry Birds Stella 5, has unique abilities that allow you to hit even the most unthinkable targets with maximum efficiency, pigs – tremble! New heroes become available as you progress through the game As the main enemy of the team of new evil birds, oddly enough, but there is also a bird, greedy and dangerous Gail, a princess who encroached on a magical home for cute creatures and their memory. Those who have already managed to get their hands on in previous games in the series will be pleased to know that the game has 120 new levels, each of which is unique in its own way. The game will drag on even professionals for a long time. Angry Birds Stella - glamorous angry birds [Free] The controls are as simple and responsive as possible, there are no complaints about the physics of flight and destruction – everything is in the style of Rovio Entertainment, in the best sense. The music was a pleasant surprise: light, unobtrusive, does not dispose for deep reflections and does not distract with excessive rhythm, but only emphasizes the glamorous gaming atmosphere. The game is socially oriented, deeply integrated Facebook: you can brag about your successes and compete for the most effective flight, you can join a group and follow the work on the project, share opinions and report bugs. The channel for working with the audience in the game is excellent! Angry Birds Stella - glamorous angry birds [Free] It is distributed free of charge, but the guys from Rovio could not refuse from in-app purchases, the painfully powerful channel for making a profit came from Angry Birds. For real money, you can buy coins that open up new opportunities and heroes faster than usual. But it will be quite easy for connoisseurs to do without shopping, so do not rush to be upset. Angry Birds Stella has turned out in the best traditions of angry birds: very colorful, musical, story-driven. It is focused primarily on the fair sex, but you should not “disdain” and professional gamers from among the strong half of humanity, and you, gentlemen, the game will tighten!

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