Animation Desk: for big animation lovers

Animation Desk: for big animation lovers The Animation Desk is a set of tools for the artist-animator that allows you to create animations “here and now” right from iPhone. The application is a full-fledged art workshop with a full set of tools necessary for creativity: brushes, paints, backgrounds, a player and a project manager. It's a pleasure to create in such a workplace, everything is at hand, “tap” is on the right and any brush is available, “tap” is higher – here's a palette of colors, “I don't want to work.” Creating animation is as easy as shelling pears: the starting point is drawn, duplicate the frame several times in one motion, make the necessary changes and you're done, you can watch! If you are satisfied with the work, you can easily brag about it on facebook or youtube, or save it in a photo stream. Animation Desk: for big animation lovers The application integrates its own player that allows you to play animation at different speeds (3, 6 and 12 frames per second). You can rewind, move between frames, add sound from the library iPhone or record using a voice recorder. The project manager in Animation Desk allows you to set your own name and description for the work, delete, duplicate, play, export (in facebook, youtube, photo stream, pdf format), send an animation in GIF format or a video file in MOV by email (decoder is included ). Animation Desk: for big animation lovers Animation Desk is offered only in English, but it will not become a barrier for domestic artists, all terms are used in everyday life. There are comments on the interface, the virtual buttons could be larger, and a text description next to each interface element would not be superfluous. For example, I hardly found a project manager, which is called by “tap” in the lower left corner of the notebook image, usability suffers, although maybe I'm finding fault ?! The FAQ is present, so it's not critical here either. Animation Desk: for big animation lovers Summing up, we can safely recommend the application to creative people who know how to use a brush and who know a lot about the fine arts. For you, the application has everything you need to embody inspiration wherever it visits. For the rest, the application is no more than a toy for 1 time, launched, looked, closed, the last for a long time.

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