AppShare and Installous software for iPhone – free

The Installous project is closed! A similar service is available in the VShare app

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An analogue of AppStore has appeared, only free. From here you can install any hacked programs without connecting iPhone to your computer and without iTunes. To do this, your phone must be Jailbroken and Cydia must be installed. Open Cydia and add source:

  1. Now install the two appeared programs Installous and AppShare
  2. Restart your phone.
  3. Two icons will appear on the desktop.
  4. Launch AppShare software (blue icon).
  5. You will see the sources of the cracked IPA files. Choose one of them. Let's say “TheMonkey'sBall”.
  6. Find the program you want to install and click download.
  7. A window with two buttons will appear: Download, Install. (If you click Install, the IPA file is downloaded and installed automatically. In the first case, the IPA file is only saved on your iPhone and you will need to install it manually.)
  8. Click Download. The file download process begins.
  9. When finished, close the application. And run the Installous program (Green icon).
  10. You will see a list of downloaded programs. Select a program to install. In the window that opens, click Install. After installation, reboot your phone.

If errors appear during installation:

  1. Install any free software from the AppStore.
  2. Try assigning 755 permissions to the / System / Library / PrivateFrameworks folder.

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