AppZapp – all appstore discounts [Free]

AppZapp - all appstore discounts [Free] A very useful program became free for a while. I recommend taking a moment. All discounts and promotions taking place in the appstore will not pass you by. Tracking and offering bargain purchases in the AppStore is the main task of AppZapp. Often, to promote new applications, developers deliberately reduce the prices of programs, or make them free to arouse interest among users, and then again increase the cost of their products. AppZapp - all appstore discounts [Free] Every day hundreds of applications in the AppStore change their prices. AppZapp tracks all price changes and provides the user with information in the form of lists. So, for example, the games Doodle Truck ($ 1.99) and Golf Battle 3D ($ 0.99) have now become free. In addition to hunting for great deals, AppZapp provides complete information about each application and its developer, that is, it serves as a guide and search engine through the database of programs and applications available on the AppStore website. Install from AppStore

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