Around me – geolocation chat [Free]

Around me - geolocation chat [Free] Surely you have had situations when you want to know what people are discussing around, but you do not know how to talk to them? In this case, we have a solution! Around me is an easy way to start communicating with the people around you. Create chats or join existing conversations that are close to you. Around me - geolocation chat [Free] The principle of the application is quite simple: Around me determines your coordinates, and then displays a list of chats within the range of which you are. In each conversation, you can exchange text messages, photos or send your geolocation to other users. Around me - geolocation chat [Free] Have you seen a band perform in the square and want to discuss it with other people in the area? Do you want to talk about some topic in your university with classmates? Or do you want to find like-minded people nearby? Then create your room in Around me, linking it to a specific geolocation and setting its radius of distribution! After that, you can be sure that all users within the radius of your conversation will be able to communicate in it. Around me - geolocation chat [Free] In Around me, you can add any chat to your favorites to receive Push notifications from it and not miss a single message. If the conversation is in your favorites, then you can participate in its discussion even outside the radius of distribution. Around me - geolocation chat [Free] Each conversation in Around Me has a lifetime of 2 days, after which it will automatically close.

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