ArtRage – draw like a real artist

ArtRage - paint like a real artist I am not an artist, I am just studying … Even if you do not have an art education and you are not painting as a great artist, this does not mean that you cannot create beautiful paintings. The “ArtRage” application will help you with this. This program is a fairly realistic imitation of the artist's easel. At your service is a fairly large set of paints and various tools for drawing. Moreover, the tools are very diverse from a simple brush to an airbrush and even a spatula. In other matters, as far as paints are concerned, then the choice is not small – oil paints, pastels, roller paints and so on. ArtRage - paint like a real artist I am very pleased with the saturation of the colors in the application, that is, their saturation when painting: all the colors are bright and juicy, but there are also delicate bed colors. Moreover, the color palette is very rich. ArtRage - paint like a real artist The application works on almost the same principle as other similar programs (including everyone's favorite photoshop). It is also worth noting that when drawing, you can also create several layers and draw a new element on a new layer, which will allow you not to be afraid to make an irreparable mistake and not ruin all the work. The application also recognizes the force of pressing, which allows you to control the color saturation and line thickness when drawing. The program will save all your works, and you can even show off your work of art to your friends. ArtRage - paint like a real artist As for the design of the application, then you can praise the developers for an eye-pleasing application and well-chosen harmonious colors. ArtRage's interface is very simple and straightforward, at an intuitive level, so to speak. In general, the application is very decent, there is nothing to complain about!

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