Asphalt 8 – now we also fly

Asphalt 8 - now we also fly Recently a new part of the cult game, Asphalt 8, was released. The game differs from its predecessor, both in graphics and in the engine. Flights appeared in the app for iPhone, now the force of gravity works differently. Asphalt 8 - now we also fly You can fly by jumping on trampolines, if you go into a drift before jumping, then you will rotate during the flight. The main thing here is to calculate everything so as not to land backwards to the finish line. But for this they give a lot of bonuses. You can steer in the air. But because of such gadgets, I had to sacrifice graphics, it is noticeably worse than on the seven, this is clearly visible at the first launch. Asphalt 8 - now we also fly There are four types of controls in the game: accelerometer, steering wheel and turn by buttons. If everything is clear with the first and the last, then the steering wheel leaves much to be desired. It is installed from the bottom, and then, only half of it. During the race, the finger very often flies, which in some cases leads to a loss. So for those who do not like to twist the device, it is better to use the buttons. Asphalt 8 - now we also fly When you create your profile, you can choose an avatar for it. The app has a fast single check-in, career, and local mode. You can race on several tracks. The career mode will have several seasons, each with three tracks, and about four missions each. The missions are different: classic race, duel, race to take off, infection, etc. Asphalt 8 - now we also fly The infection mode is especially worth highlighting, it is not like all the others. The point here is to get to the finish line first. But there will be two types of riders in the races, and the type may not change once during the game. From the beginning, the last player, after some time from the start, becomes infected. What it gives: infinite nitro and a timer, when it is zero, the player becomes normal (not infected). To replenish the time on the timer you need to: crash into other racers, when you touch another infected car, it also becomes infected. Asphalt 8 - now we also fly In local play mode, you can play with other users. You can also play with the ghosts of friends who repeat their skills. In the championship, you need to be poor in a team and compete with others. The game is not bad in principle. It has many effects that complement the race, but I still give my preference to Real Rasing, where the race is more close to reality, albeit without flights and nitro. The game is available in a shared account.

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