ATimeLogger 2 – timekeeping

aTimeLogger 2 - timekeeping Hello dear readers! Have you ever wondered how much time you spend, say, sleeping, shopping, eating and so on? If you are interested, then in App Store there is an application for iPhone “aTimeLogger 2” that will help you figure it out. aTimeLogger 2 - timekeeping So, if you don't want to waste time, then feel free to install the application. “aTimeLogger 2” is not just a stopwatch, everything is much more global. Firstly, the program not only takes into account the time, but also provides analytics, and even, is able to build graphs and diagrams for easy tracking of dynamics. aTimeLogger 2 can even provide a report if required. aTimeLogger 2 - timekeeping Secondly, it's no secret that today you don't need to be Julius Caesar to do two or more things at the same time (for example, go to the subway and read a book). “aTimeLogger 2” allows you to create several activities at once, for more accurate calculations. aTimeLogger 2 - timekeeping Thirdly, thanks to this application, you will be able to plan your day more competently and conveniently, because you are no longer at a glance, but almost exactly can say how much time you will spend on this or that lesson. And by the way, you may even have a little more free time (saved thanks to aTimeLogger 2), which you can spend with your family and friends. aTimeLogger 2 - timekeeping You can also create plans in the application (for example, a plan for the day, or a plan for a week) and set goals (read 2 hours every day). aTimeLogger 2 - timekeeping Plus, the application has a simple and user-friendly interface – two rows of buttons at the top and bottom, as well as interesting and understandable icons that display activity. There is simply no place to get confused, especially since the application always prompts “where to press” 🙂 aTimeLogger 2 - timekeeping

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