Auto-Lawyer: legal assistance on the road

Auto-Lawyer: legal assistance on the road

All motorists regularly have to communicate with traffic police inspectors. Many of you have faced unfair accusations of wrongdoing they did not commit, as well as 'money divorce' when you are allegedly facing disenfranchisement. Even if you drive very carefully and follow the rules, it is still possible to inadvertently get into an unpleasant situation in which you will have to defend your rights when talking with an inspector.

The Auto-Lawyer application is an indispensable assistant for any motorist. The application contains invaluable advice, based on the rich experience of lawyers, on how to behave in a given situation, how to communicate with an inspector, and how to avoid unfair punishment. The program is designed in such a way that the motorist can immediately, without wasting precious time, find the situation of interest and understand it in just a minute.

The appendix describes the most common situations that motorists face, and the most common violations that you can be accused of.

The inspector stopped – what to do, how to behave correctly? What is right

to demand the inspector, and what exceeds his authority?

Exceeding the speed limit – did you know that if the inspector does not present

you a printout from the device indicating the time, speed and number of your

machine, the radar readings are invalid?

Auto-Lawyer: legal assistance on the road

Alcoholic intoxication – drank in the evening, and got behind the wheel in the morning? how

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to find out if it is true alcohol is in your blood, or is the inspector 'breeding' you?

Oncoming lane – what to do if you accidentally hit the oncoming lane? In which case the violation entails the deprivation of rights, and in which case only a fine?

Accident – how to act correctly if you are involved in an accident, so that you do not

hanged something that you are not to blame for?

Auto-Lawyer: legal assistance on the road

And also many other less serious violations, which even a law-abiding motorist can be accused of inadvertently –

crossing a red light, bypassing an obstacle, no policy

OSAGO, toning and others.

In addition, in the application you will find a lot of useful information and

answers to frequently asked questions of motorists – how to correctly arrange

protocol on how to behave when inspecting a car, what to do when

moving the car to the car parking lot, where to call to complain about the illegal actions of the inspector, etc.

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