Autopilot – get home without consequences [Free]

Autopilot - get home without consequences [Free] Surely each of you, dear readers, knows what 'auto-policy' is. Do you know that this concept is applicable not only to transport, but also to people? If you are not in the know, then App Store and the app for iPhone 'Autopilot' will get you up to speed. Poor hard worker – Vasily, is so tired at work that it is vital for him to go to the bar after work in order to relax a little. At home Vasya is waiting for a loving wife, but Vasily is no longer able to reach the house on his own, so he turns on the 'autopilot', which the player controls. So we launched the application and we have the main menu. Do you see how the background sways? -Now – do you understand what this is about? I suggest looking at the history of the application, and everything will fall into place at once! Autopilot - get home without consequences [Free] Autopilot - get home without consequences [Free] The game has three difficulty levels: easy, medium and hard. Depending on the level you choose, it will be either easy or not very playable. But I must say that it's not so difficult to play even in a difficult level. All the player has to do is tilt his iPhone back and forth to help Vasily get home in a certain amount of time. Autopilot - get home without consequences [Free] The main thing is not to let Vasya fall, otherwise the game will be over. Also, do not forget to monitor the alcohol level, which is displayed at the top left. This level must not be close to 100%. And on the way, Vasya will have a lot of temptations and a tent with beer, and friends drinking companions, here the main thing is to reject iPhone back in time, until Vasya noticed the beer. Autopilot - get home without consequences [Free] If you have not figured out how to play, then you need to look in the 'help' section in the menu. Autopilot - get home without consequences [Free] In general, the toy, although with a dubious meaning, is cool. Designers and developers tried their best and were able to do everything very stylishly. The application is not adapted for iPhone 5, but this is already a trifle!

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