Back to the future 1 HD – quest

Back to the future 1 HD - quest A game based on the movie of the same name 'Back to the Future'. Fascinating adventures of Martin McFly and Dr. Emet Brown and of course their amazing DeLorean time machine. The game has a wonderful graphical interface. The excellent design and engine of the game will seem very worthy to the gamer. Soundtrack at 5-. But I didn't like the scenario of the game. You can only bet 4 for it. Back to the future 1 HD - quest This genre is too confusing – a quest. But admirers of this film, which thundered in its time, will definitely like it. The developers have tried to introduce the player into the events in which the main characters are mired. The essence of the game itself is to seek answers. The price of the game in aStore is 6.99 dollars. Seems overpriced enough. It's too much for a new game. I think the sequel is not far off. This is what makes the genre so attractive. You can always spend your free time with benefit, and also, if you like it, then with pleasure. Link in the AppStore: Back to the future 1 HD

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