BADLAND – garbage story on the wings

BADLAND - garbage story on the wings Good day, dear readers! Today another specific game was reviewed. It is specific for its atmosphere and graphics, which repeats the style of Little inferno. But this does not mean that she is a copy of it, by no means. This style of drawing graphics is now gaining momentum and this is very good, because all games of this kind are very interesting. Meet BADLAND. BADLAND - garbage story on the wings Believe it or not, the overall style of the game resembles the great Limbo! Both the music and the atmosphere are just, I'm not afraid of the word, cool. Plot? Excuse me to break off – it is not. “What's the point?” – you ask? The authors did not bother with the history, but simplified everything to a disgrace. Control is just a touch on the screen and nothing else, you need to fly the character to the end of the level, until he is sucked into the garbage pipe. BADLAND - garbage story on the wings Yes, everything is very simple, but it is done cool: on the way you will encounter various things that can both complicate the task and simplify: sometimes you even have to beat some objects in order to be able, for example, to crawl through a narrow crack or, on the contrary, to type mass with their help to outweigh any beam. BADLAND - garbage story on the wings The game has one world and one promise to do more in the future. But for now this is enough for us. The levels are quite varied, you will not get bored, but there is a slight flaw in performance: for example, on iPhone 4 the game does not go very smoothly, but noticeably slows down, but surprisingly, even this does not interfere with enjoying the game. BADLAND - garbage story on the wings As a result, the game turned out to be very entertaining. Yes, it is not at all easy to understand, but in order to get a thrill from the game, it is absolutely not necessary to understand something, because applications for mobile devices have not been surprising with this for a long time. Fans of World of Goo, Little inferno and other games of this genre will definitely download! Yes, the game is not cheap, but it justifies every penny invested in it.

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