Banner Saga 2 – Adventure in the Viking World

Banner Saga 2 - Adventure in the Viking World Two years ago, thanks to developers at Stoic and a Kickstarter crowdfunding company, the world saw a new Indian RPG – Banner Saga – that quickly gained acceptance among users, becoming one of the hits on mobile platforms. Before us is the continuation of the story – Banner Saga 2, in which we again have to lead a detachment of Vikings, who are faced with the difficult task of survival in a hostile world that is crumbling right before our eyes. In the second part, we are waiting for new turns of the already familiar history, adventures and confrontation with mysterious dragons – silent, armored creatures that erase all traces of civilization in their path. Pressing the 'Watch Recap' button, to the sounds of medieval music, will tell us how it all began … Banner Saga 2 - Adventure in the Viking World However, the lack of Russian in the list of available languages ​​is a bit annoying. Moreover, in the list of available ones, in the game description in App Store, it is declared. An unpleasant surprise for those who are not very friendly with English. Banner Saga 2 - Adventure in the Viking World You can choose one of the two heroes, or load the save from the previous part, if you have already become a fan of the series. Banner Saga 2 - Adventure in the Viking World And a little time for training, and in the active phase – your hero and his squad are immediately thrown into battle! Controlling the heroes, their characteristics, attack – they managed to master everything quite quickly, and the lack of knowledge of English did not become a hindrance. Moreover, different fighters have different capabilities – from simple strikes or archery, and to sophisticated combos. Banner Saga 2 - Adventure in the Viking World Then everything becomes more complicated – there are more and more enemies, and there are no soldiers left from the squad. I will not tell you how to get out of all this trouble, I will keep the intrigue. As you progress through you will be able to pump armor and other characteristics of your hero and the squad of his brothers in arms. However, the enemies themselves will become stronger. Banner Saga 2 - Adventure in the Viking World And the battle system itself is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. Through the correct placement of soldiers, you can gain both a number of advantages and expose your weak points. Banner Saga 2 - Adventure in the Viking World Like the first installment in the series, the game is definitely worthy of attention! In addition to pleasant, hand-drawn graphics, there is still the same melancholic, but very exciting atmosphere. Banner Saga 2 is a breath of fresh air for those who miss interesting stories, a detailed world and complexities of choice. And even if the price of the game cannot be called low, all RPG lovers, especially in the fantasy genre, can recommend it for purchase.

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