Battleheart Legacy – for fans of quality RPGs

Battleheart Legacy - for fans of quality RPGs More than four years later, fans of the excellent RPG Battleheart have a sequel to their beloved RPG. Battleheart Legacy is a real dessert for hungry fans of quality RPGs, of which there are so many among the owners of iOS – devices. There are very few games of this genre, and even more so really interesting and thoughtful ones in App Store. This makes the release of the long-awaited Battleheart Legacy all the more valuable. To begin with, Battleheart Legacy is not a direct sequel to Battleheart. There are a lot of changes in the new game. The main one is that the player controls only one hero, and not a group of characters, as in classic role-playing games. However, the lack of heroes is compensated by the huge opportunities to pump the characteristics inherent in different races. So you can harmoniously combine some traits in your hero, for example, from a wizard and war at the same time. Battleheart Legacy - for fans of quality RPGs The plot of the game consists of many different quests, passing which, as in all the best games of the genre, the hero gains experience and money. Experience is used to pump skills, and money, respectively, to buy new weapons and clothes. Separately, you need to talk about the design and sound in the game. As we remember, in the classic Battleheart, the design was two-dimensional and drawn, to put it mildly, in an average way. In Battleheart Legacy, everything in design is worked out at a very good level. Many locations, a huge number of interior details, a wide range of different characters. And it's all in 3-D! Battleheart Legacy - for fans of quality RPGs But the best that was saved in the first version of the game. Convenient and simple control interface. All character control is performed only with the help of taps and dragging. To summarize, it's safe to say that Mika Mobile has let in a new classic RPG. And the price of 169 rubles is quite reasonable for true fans and connoisseurs of RPG.

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