BeatMaker 2 – Pocket Sampler

BeatMaker 2 - Pocket Sampler BeatMaker 2 is positioned as a complete work environment for electronic music creators. It allows you to create a track from the moment of recording individual beats to mixing all tracks, setting up a transition and exporting the created project – without having to use any other program or dump files to your computer while working on a track. BeatMaker 2 - Pocket Sampler The first thing that catches your eye is the design of the application. It looks frankly outdated – and it is so: the app was released back in 2011 and has not changed much in terms of design since then – so BeatMaker looks more appropriate on some iPhone 3GS than on the sixth or seventh generation. And if the design of the icons does not particularly affect performance, then the lack of tips or at least some hint of navigation help is definitely a bold minus. The layout of many of the functions is completely counterintuitive and it will take a while for even a professional musician to get used to BeatMaker 2. BeatMaker 2 - Pocket Sampler Whereas similar applications offer to edit tracks from sampled beats, BeatMaker 2 provides you with a complete set of tools for recording your own beats, including a drum machine and synthesizer. Each instrument can be applied with 3 effects from a fairly extensive list. It included:

  • reverb
  • compressor
  • filter
  • delay
  • equalizer
  • flanger
  • chorus
  • distortion
  • 6-band parametric equalizer

BeatMaker 2 - Pocket Sampler All recorded tracks can be mixed directly in the application (the number of tracks is not limited). It is convenient to move individual fragments on the timeline, adjust transitions and add effects. BeatMaker 2 - Pocket Sampler The application is distinguished by a fairly large set of sources: you can add audio from a computer, SoundCloud, DropBox, from an iPod, or export from the iTunes library to remix one of the tracks purchased there. The finished track can be saved to wav. BeatMaker 2 - Pocket Sampler As a result, BeatMaker 2, although it does not reach the capabilities of desktop professional applications, will be useful as a road sampler and will help to sketch the future track if the inspiration came when the technology is nearby – only iPhone.

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