Bee Leader – Bee Simulator [Free]

Bee Leader - Bee Simulator [Free] Have you ever heard the expression 'I work like a bee' ?! Indeed, bees are great workers, as you can see once again by downloading the app for iPhone 'Bee Leader' from Flightless Limited. As you probably already guessed, in the application you control a bee. What do all the bees do? – that's right, collect pollen and nectar. This, in fact, must be done in the game. That is, your task is to fly around everything and collect as much nectar as possible, which is depicted in small circles, until it gets dark and take it all to the hive. At the end of the level, you earn bonus points. Everything is simple as always. Bee Leader - Bee Simulator [Free] Also on the levels there are different opponents and different 'traps'. It can be both birds, in the first case, and thunderclouds, in the second. Bee Leader - Bee Simulator [Free] And the developers have also provided for positive characters. Their role is played by small bees who will follow the main bee and help her everywhere. There are also some bonuses, such as extra time, which can be obtained by collecting a 'magic' keg of honey. Bee Leader - Bee Simulator [Free] The game has several levels, each of which is a small world. But whether it is a plain, as in the first level, or a large city, it will be very interesting for you to play, since the developers have thought through everything to the smallest detail. Bee Leader - Bee Simulator [Free] The controls in the game are also very simple – you just need to move your finger across the screen and the bee will move in the desired direction. This approach to management, in this case, can be called very competent and suitable for this particular application. The style and design of the 'Bee Leader' application pleases me. Everything is very soft, clear, and most importantly, simple. I think we can safely say that the developers did a good job and install the application on their phone, especially since it is presented absolutely free of charge.

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