BeWeather – weather widget [Free]

BeWeather - weather widget [Free] Bellshare, which specializes in the release of programs for the Blackberry platform, decided to start releasing applications for the platform iOS, releasing its popular BeWeather application for iPhone, which is an advanced weather widget with great functionality and a iOS style interface 7. BeWeather - weather widget [Free] The interface of the program is made in an attractive form and is optimized for different weather conditions, that is, if it is raining outside your window, there will also be drops in the background of the program. But the interface is not the main feature of this program, its main advantage is that in just a couple of 'slides' you can find out detailed information about the weather: what is the wind speed and direction, hourly weather, atmospheric pressure, when to expect precipitation, the current date and time and much more. Like many other weather programs, BeWeather automatically detects your location and gives you the weather, but you can also add an unlimited number of other cities to know what the weather is in them. BeWeather - weather widget [Free] Another feature of the program is that it has a radar map that shows the climatic movements of cyclones and anticyclones, but this function is available only for residents of the USA, Europe and Canada. The program also has access to several video cameras with which you can visually assess the weather situation in a particular city, for example, find out how much snow there is, etc. Fortunately, these cameras are available in many cities. And if you live in a large city like Moscow, then you can choose the closest weather station and get weather information from it in order to have a more accurate idea of ​​the weather. BeWeather - weather widget [Free] BeWeather - weather widget [Free] It is worth noting that BeWeather is distributed free of charge, however, in order to access some functions, you need to upgrade to the Pro version by paying 99 rubles through in-app purchases.

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