Binoculars B4 – we make binoculars from iPhone

Binoculars B4 - we make binoculars from iPhone

Application developers for iPhone and iPad never cease to amaze with their imagination. It has long been invented to use iPhone as a magnifying glass (there are a lot of applications among which you can choose the most worthy one). But to make binoculars … for the first time I came across such an application, which I want to share with you.

Probably, experts will correct me, but it seems that, according to the course of physics, the refraction of light in a lens is easier to implement at a short distance than at a long distance.

The aberration of the optical system at a large focal length (tending to infinity) is more noticeable, because the blurring of the image is immediately evident. Ufff, this is what I (probably) figured out in consultation with the telescope makers. 🙂

Therefore, there are a lot of 'loop' applications in stores App Store, but 'binocular' applications can be counted on one hand.

And now I would like to present one of these enlarger solutions, unique in its way. Binoculars B4 – binoculars that are always with you.

How does it work

Having opened the application, we are presented with the minimum number of settings. This is a 'zoom' of magnification and the ability to take a photo or video.

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The magnification, compared to standard capabilities, is quite powerful

Binoculars B4 - we make binoculars from iPhone

Binoculars B4 - we make binoculars from iPhone

But it is clear that everything also depends on the capabilities of the camera. Above are pictures taken with iPad Air, below with iPhone 5.

Binoculars B4 - we make binoculars from iPhone

Binoculars B4 - we make binoculars from iPhone

Still, the capabilities of the camera (more precisely, the camera lens) iPhone are higher, so, in my opinion, the image is clearer.

It should be borne in mind that photos and videos are saved in the application itself, and not in the 'Photos' folder.

Now about the apparent shortcomings. High magnification decreases the image quality. There are several reasons for this: the capabilities of the lens, and shaking hands (of course, it will be better with a tripod), and the distance to the subject. Also, definitely, the image will improve on more and more new devices, because Apple on all devices improves lens performance.

But these are all derived capabilities of the device and the user. You cannot argue against the laws of optics.

Still, the application is designed to be used iPhone with the following lenses:

Binoculars B4 - we make binoculars from iPhone

What makes it possible to get such pictures (real photo taken with iPhone at the London Olympics):

Binoculars B4 - we make binoculars from iPhone

Be that as it may, the application deserves attention and installation on our devices. Moreover, the developer on the application page shows what high-quality images can be obtained when enlarged.

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