Binoculars HD – useless uselessness

Binoculars HD - useless uselessness In general, we try to select good and useful programs for reviews, but sometimes we come across such programs. Someone creates applications for iPhone for the soul, someone to make our life easier with mobile devices, and someone like Gary Jhangiryan with his Binoculars HD for the sole purpose of making money. There is nothing wrong with monetizing the fruit of your labor, and if it is really useful, users will vote for it with a ruble. What's wrong with Binoculars HD? Binoculars HD - useless uselessness Binoculars HD turns iPhone or iPad into digital binoculars, with which you can magnify the image displayed on the device's screen up to 30x, photograph it or record it on video. The result of the application is sheer disappointment and here's why. The fact is that binoculars from iPhone or iPad are only digital – 30x magnification occurs by interpolating the image. In fact, all that Binoculars HD does when zoomed in is to crop a picture to a specific area and stretch it to fit the device's screen. If you wanted to get exactly the magnification of the image without loss of quality, you will be disappointed, the optical zoom is not available. Binoculars HD - useless uselessness The same result that Binoculars HD produces at the output can be achieved in any simple graphics editor: in the original image, select a certain area, crop the rest, and then stretch the area to the actual size of the original image. Binoculars HD - useless uselessness The image enlarged in Binoculars HD is useless, even at 10x zoom, artifacts completely hide all the details and it is unrealistic to see anything in such a photo. In addition to photographing, in this application, you can shoot an enlarged scene on video. You can use not only the rear, but also the front camera as an image source. You can forcibly turn on the LED flash iPhone, the guide number of such a flash (the maximum distance in meters from which you can get a correctly exposed frame at ISO 100 and aperture 1) does not exceed several meters, with a magnification of more than 3 times it also useless. Binoculars HD - useless uselessness Images captured in Binoculars can be shared to Dropbox, social media Facebook or Twitter, and can be shared via email. I advise you not to do this, it is better not to brag about the results of the application. Binoculars HD - useless uselessness Binoculars HD is a totally useless app that doesn't cost a dime. And the fact that in App Store it is sold at a price of 59 rubles proves once again that not all developers create applications that make our life better and easier, there are those who want to profit from the ignorance of users of the basics of optics.

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