Biorythm – the 'mirror' of the emotional state

Biorythm - the 'mirror' of the emotional state

The theory of biorhythms can be taken both skeptically and seriously. It doesn't matter if you believe in the existence of internal cycles in the human body, which are displayed through energy waves – biorhythms, many special programs have already been created for iPhone users who calculate these very biorhythms, group them into graphs and make predictions about how a person's life will develop in the future, based on the indicators of energy flows.

One of these programs is Biorythm, a project by developers from JBD Software, which allows you to monitor the internal cycles, the user's 'biological' clock, predicting what emotional and intellectual shocks await him in the future. The creators of the program assure that with the help of this simple application the user has the opportunity to control, no more, no less, his future. Whether this is really so, you have to check on personal experience of using Biorythm in practice.

Biorythm - the 'mirror' of the emotional state

The program automatically creates a graph from several intersecting colored lines, each of which has its own specific meaning. For example, the red line on the graph indicates general physical condition, the green line indicates the level of emotions, while the blue line indicates mental activity.

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In addition to creating graphs, the application reads the user's pulse and blood pressure, so even if you do not believe in the usefulness of biorhythms, you can always find out the vital signs of your body at the moment.

Biorythm - the 'mirror' of the emotional state

Developer: JBD Software

Current version: 2.40

Compatibility: Phone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires at least iOS 3.1.3.

Install from AppStore Download file ipa: Biorythm

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