BioShock – 99% Original

BioShock - 99% Original Rejoice fans of the legendary first-person shooter BioShock! The guys from 2K Games fulfilled their promises and presented to the interested audience the port of the same name of the desktop blockbuster of the distant 2007 model. Pick up your drool, Lord, let's get acquainted! As I said, we have before us BioShock for iPhone and iPad, I will say right away: it will not be easy to appreciate the beauty of the game atmosphere at 4 inches, here are the dimensions iPad – the very thing! The game is already available in the general account.


The first-person shooter takes us on a journey through the labyrinths of the underwater city of Rapture, a well-intentioned utopia that has turned into a nightmare. Endless corridors are full of vile mutated creatures (and were once educated people), whose sole purpose is “fresh meat”. The developer declares that the plot of the game has been transferred in the original, that no changes have been made to it and it has not been reworked, if so, success will not be long in coming. To describe what happens after the launch of the game is to deprive you of pleasure, for us it is a “luxury”. Fans of the original are already in the know.

Graphic arts

If you buy a game in App Store for “indecent” 479 rubles, you will be disappointed: the developers did not manage to transfer the graphic flavor to iOS completely, in this regard the game has flaws, but they no more than any other premium project. Light, shadows, animation are all excellently implemented, but not perfect, there are obvious artifacts. It would not be fair to blame the developers for this, the possibilities of mobile devices do not allow to do better yet. The guys squeezed out of the hardware component “all the juices”, while on the flagship iPhone 5s, the game does not slow down even in dynamic scenes.


No accelerometer and similar buns, only “hardcore” – a classic virtual joystick. It's hard to imagine a dynamic shooter with accelerometer support: whoever a gamer would be like plunged into the role of the main character in public transport or the subway, neighbors beware! Management is organized competently, the hero is obedient and responds to each team. True, it will take a little getting used to, the size of the control area may not be enough for accurate positioning.

Musical accompaniment

Here iOS – BioShock version is all right. The music creates the right impression and emphasizes the eerie and deadly atmosphere of the city. The musical background alone is enough to imagine the horror that is happening outside the walls of the underwater kingdom.


We can say with confidence that the prospects for the game are very, very bright: there is a plot, there is an atmosphere, there is dynamics. So what if the graphics do not hold out a little, so somewhere, and in BioShock this is not the main thing. If you love fast-paced shooters, appreciate the storyline, and enjoy slaying the undead, you will definitely love the game. It is unlikely that you will be stopped by the price tag of 479 rubles, you have to pay for the pleasure, especially for this!

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