Black Ops – Voxel action

Black Ops - Voxel action Black Ops - Voxel action Block Ops is an action game for fans of Minecraft style. The entire game world is made up of blocks and the graphics are in Voxel style. The game contains parodies of modern shooters and a destructible world. In the game you have to take part in various situations, from deserts to arctic tundra, infiltrate enemy fortresses, engage in espionage and even rescue hostages. Black Ops - Voxel action Black Ops - Voxel action The game has fairly simple controls. On the left edge you will find character control arrows, while on the right side you will see a Fire button and a close scope switch. All you need is to shoot at the target. You can control the view by sliding your finger on the left side of the screen. You can also speed up your player's progress by clicking on the little man in the upper right corner of the screen. Black Ops - Voxel action The only thing in the game that looks like the real world is the sky with clouds. They are drawn as in the real world. Since the game is compatible with fairly old smartphone models, starting with iPhone 3GS, the developers have provided the ability to adjust the graphics so that the game does not slow down. To do this, you need to go to the Options section. Here you can choose one of three graphics quality options: High, Medium and Low. In addition, the developers have provided auto-saving in the game. Black Ops - Voxel action In the next game update, the developers promise to make multiplayer and add control sensitivity settings. Cost $ 0.99.

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