Blood and Glory – gladiator fights [FREE]

Blood and Glory - gladiator fights [FREE] Blood and Glory is one of the most amazing action games on the Iphone, not only because of its very simple but easy controls, but also because of its unique gameplay. The game takes place in the days of gladiators, and you will have to become a participant in death battles in bloody arenas. Dozens of different weapons and armor, hundreds of different options for developing your gladiator. Another plus of this game is that it is free. Blood and Glory - gladiator fights [FREE] Although the Iphone has never been a game console, I think everyone has played some mediocre action game at least once and reproached the creators for the terrible controls. This will definitely not happen with this game. The game consists of tournaments, where in each you have to fight with 5 opponents, a kind of fight club. All control is reduced to several important elements: blocking with a shield, dodging from blows and, in fact, attacks. To strike, you need to swipe across the screen in the desired direction, and your hero will exactly repeat the action with a sword in hand. The game, as noted above, is free. But if you want to immediately advance in the hierarchy of warriors, you will have to purchase some items and artifacts. All this, of course, for local, play money. But game currency can be converted into real currency. In this you have a choice: slowly and gradually becomes a warrior, or immediately buy everything you need. Blood and Glory - gladiator fights [FREE] Install from AppStore

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