Boom – the exploits of the green man [Free]

Boom - the exploits of the green man [Free] Great, bright and positive game for iPhone. However, the plot is not very fun. Launching the application, we learn one sad story about how the main character of the game, the villains kidnapped his beloved. And now, our task is to help the little green friend free his beloved. As always, when everything is bad, it is necessary to perform feats. They won't make a good game out of a good life. So we are going to help. The main character of the app for iPhone 'Boom', distributed in App Store for free, did the same. Boom - the exploits of the green man [Free] The application provides three modes of play: single player, competition with friends and play at the world level, so to speak. Boom - the exploits of the green man [Free] Boom fully complies with all the principles of the arcade genre. The whole gameplay boils down to the fact that our hero rolls inside the wheel, collects coins and performs small missions (for example, complete a level in 7 seconds or touch the ball). Upon completion of the level, our hero is awarded medals for achievements. Boom - the exploits of the green man [Free] Controlling the game is as easy as shelling pears – the only thing to do is to click on the arrows at the bottom of the screen to the right and left. If you press several times and hold, our hero will go faster. Boom - the exploits of the green man [Free] In the application, today, 4 boxes are available, each of which contains more than 20 levels of varying difficulty, as well as additional bonus levels. There are about 100 levels available. Not bad, isn't it? Boom - the exploits of the green man [Free] Score. Yes, yes, there are in-app purchases in-app (you won't surprise anyone with that). Here you can 'dress up' our hero: buy him a stylish suit, a new engine or a new wheel – the green friend's personal transport. Boom - the exploits of the green man [Free] The toy is very bright and juicy, very pleasing to the eye! In addition, it is interesting to play and this, apparently, is the merit of a simple plot and not particularly difficult levels. The levels are passed very quickly, they literally click like seeds, and, thanks to this, you simply cannot tear yourself away from the game and the time for the game flies very quickly.

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