Bounden – dance teacher

Bounden - dance teacher Even the most recent innovations in App Store have a lot in common with the games that have already been created earlier. But, from time to time, there are applications that are completely different from anything. For example, Bounden is a game for iPhone with a unique interface, which, according to the developers, is guaranteed to teach you one of two skills: dancing or stumbling with each other. It sounds like a joke, but it's really true … After starting, you can take a short tutorial, or immediately jump into battle, choosing one of eight dances. The difficulty level is indicated under the name of each of them, so if you choose the second path, we recommend starting with the simplest one. I decided not to tempt fate, and began to study. We spend a few seconds on calibration, and quite quickly we master the principles of the game, the main control of which is carried out by pressing each player's finger in the center of the control point. Then, we turn the device to get the cursor in the center of each of the rings that will appear on the screen.

It turns out that everything is not as complicated as it might seem at first glance. For some of the dances, you can even watch a video of how their performance looks like by the example of the dancers of the Dutch National Ballet. And I must say, the way they do it looks just amazing! True, I must disappoint a little those who were inspired by the screenshots above – you are unlikely to succeed the first time. Yes, and from the second too)) At least for me, the nervous waving of my arms became more or less like a dance, after about ten minutes of hard workouts. But, if you do it together, it will definitely not be boring, and the transition from simple dances to more complex ones will bring real pleasure. In addition, the whole process is accompanied by pleasant instrumental music. In general, Bounden is an interesting, but quite niche application aimed at a narrow audience. But it's definitely worth a try. Perhaps you will like it very much!

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